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A migrant farm worker presents to the clinic with a 4 week worsening pruritic rash on his upper extremities and interdigital spaces. Answer Explained Peritonsillar abscess, the most common deep infection of the head and neck that occurs in adults, is typically formed by a combination of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

An increase in cardiac volume normally makes a mitral regurgitation murmur louder. Answer Explained If weakness of a limb is associated with lower facial weakness on the same side, the problem is above the brainstem, while if there is weakness of muscles on one side of the head and opposite limb, then a lesion in the brainstem is suggested.

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Any unused medicinal product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements. This is the hallmark symptom of the first stage. Answer Explained Captopril has been assigned to pregnancy category D by the FDA for use in the second and third trimesters and to pregnancy category C for use in the first trimester. Which of the following is a common manifestation of chronic atopic dermatitis? A 28 year old woman is evaluated for pain in her arms and legs of 7 years duration that has recently worsened.

Answer Explained Early symptoms of PCOS include: Few or no menstrual periods. A 25-yo man presents with nasal obstruction, mild facial pain, and a low grade fever lasting more than one week. Which one of the following procedures is indicated? Which type of lung cancer is typically centrally located? Which of the following would be most helpful in establishing the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia?

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Acromegaly occurs in about 6 of every 100,000 adults. In addition to drainage, which of the following is require for proper treatment of malignant pleural effusions? Which is NOT a first-line therapy for erythema migrans? A partial cross resistance exists with spiramycin. The rash can cause itching, which is occasionally severe.

Patients with obesity can actually have low BNP levels. The number of polyps usually increases with age and they typically grow from 1-2 to 4-5 millimeters in size. On exam, her right tonsil is bulging.

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PNA due to lack of Strep pneumo coverage. Answer Explained The most common primary cardiac tumor in adults is a Myxoma. The next day he develops increasing pain with passive movement, pallor and hypoesthesia of the extremity. Christians formed a Bible class for advanced Bible study to meet the then rising wave of infidelity.

Macrolide Classes: Macrolides are characterized by their basic structure made up of a lactonic cycle with 2 osidic chains. This pain often occurs when you take a deep breath in or out, or cough. A 55 year old man has persistent back pain radiating down the right lateral leg to the foot. Answer Explained Recent regulatory and clinical concerns have brought into sharp focus antipsychotic drug-induced QTc interval prolongation, torsades de pointes, and sudden cardiac death.

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3 days did not cause clinically significant changes in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a single 15 mg dose of midazolam. Used for: Limited use in the U. Exam shows decreased right foot dorsiflexion, toe extension, and foot inversion.

She has an allergy to penicillin. Copied below are abstracts of these articles. MIC, where AUC describes the area under the curve and MIC represents the mean inhibitory concentration of the microbe concerned. A 9 year-old girl complains of fever and productive cough. Symptoms usually develop within one to six hours after eating contaminated food.

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Chest X-ray reveals bilateral hilar adenopathy and reticulonodular changes in both lungs. Consideration should be given to official guidance on the appropriate use of antibacterial agents. The most common cause of chronic bronchitis is smoking. Imipenem 500 mg IV q6 hrs or Meropenem 1 g IV q8 hrs. Answer Explained Drusen are tiny yellow or white deposits in a layer of the retina called Bruchs membrane. Macrolide Allergy: Allergy to macrolides is extremely to establish the usefulness of diagnostic tests.

Nowadays, rarely use non-liposomal amphoterecin B. Answer Explained Malabsorption syndrome refers to a number of disorders in which nutrients from food are not absorbed properly in the small intestine. FQ’s have additional advantage of atypical coverage in cases where this is a possibility. Chest X-ray reveals a large right hilar mass. Answer Explained Doxycycline had many FDA approved clinical uses. More likely to be due to resistant gram negatives including ESBL’s and Pseudomonas.

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On exam you see edema and erythema in the left ear canal with purulent exudate. The benefits provided by beta blockers have made them the drugs of first choice in treating patients with CAD. Question: A patient presents complaining of severe pain and “burning” in an extremity.

A 40 year old male comes to the Urgent Care with complaints of moderate chest discomfort. Answer Explained Breast tenderness is often the first sign of pregnancy for many women. Carbamazepine is an effective anticonvulsant, but it cannot be given IV or IM. Which of the following is the FDA approved colchicine dosage for an acute gout flare up?

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The same dosage as in adult patients is used in the elderly. A patient has a left tibia fracture after a motor vehicle accident. Diagnostics reveal a normal CXR and ECG but chest CT shows a thrombus in the left pulmonary artery. In 1879 Zion’s Watch Tower was formed, later known as The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. A patient taking nicotinic acid complains of hot flashes and pruritus after ingestion. Coadministration of a single dose of 1200 mg azithromycin did not alter the pharmacokinetics of a single dose of 800 mg fluconazole.

However, the most common psychological causes of ED include: stress, anxiety, depression, indifference and low self-esteem. A hypomanic state is most likely to be an adverse effect of therapy with which of the following medicines? For a definitive diagnosis to be made, many experts say there should be at least eight tender sites present on the body.

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Used in conjunction with Ceftriaxone for CAP that requires hospitalization. The article by Brockow, et al. For this reason, should never use as monotherapy against above-the-diaphragm infections like lung abscesses, etc. Since your uterus puts pressure on your bladder most heavily in the third trimester, this means you’ll probably have to go to the bathroom more than you ever did before.

If the leaflets do not close correctly, aortic regurgitation can occur. From these facts it can be seen that Pastor Charles T. These symptoms will not be present at other times. Tazobactam can be used with caution as well. Answer Explained Generally, a person is considered to be constipated when bowel movements result in passage of small amounts of hard, dry stool, usually fewer than three times a week, but this is only a very approximate standard.

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Answer Explained Haloperidol is noted for its strong early and late extrapyramidal side effects. Mechanism: selectively taken up by anaerobic bacteria and reduced by proteins in the electron transport chain, leading to DNA disruption. One lesion is larger and preceded the others. A 60 year old female smoker complains of weight loss and progressive dysphagia.

Iron absorption occurs in which part of the intestine? Oxytocin is commonly used for which of the following reproductive purposes? Answer Explained Although the pneumonia affects the lungs, Legionnaires’ disease is accompanied by symptoms that affect other areas of the body. Eventually, syphilis can lead to heart and brain damage. Which of the following is the most appropriate test to confirm the diagnosis?