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Extremely curious and always searching for little weak signals that tell us things are changing. I’d love to sit together with a machine engineer and nerd around trying to figure out a way.

How did you start this project? It think expression is best when somebody truly feels the urge. By 17 and against his parent’s wishes, he moved to Paris to attend the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts where he found his artistic freedom.

What are your plans for the future? Flaka: It started out when I discovered Bonne’s suit and orderded one.

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Flaka was the perfect fit and we’ve known each others since the brand started. She mainly focuses on techniques instead of products, as the process regarding innovation intrigues her more than the final outcome itself. There is a big necessity to create useful applications for the large amount of scraps produced instead of ending their cycle on landfills. Mange Disque: chocolate records allow us not only to hear, but to taste sound.

I found out that the latex could get stuck into the cotton fibers and therefore  glue  them together. What aspects of biology are fascinating to use for your designs? At the moment Roos is developing the process and researching the different possible applications. By sharing her skills to the islanders Phoebe aims to economically help sustain the population of Bere Island so that they can carry on and take more ownership of the island’s future.

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My latest project is soon to be revealed at Glow in Eindhoven, it’s a project in which I developed a technique to be to print with butterfly wings. By analyzing the property of the material, I concluded that this new fabric was actually waterproof and I naturally directed the function of it towards rainproof accessories. I think for my graduate collection, I spent about a month trying different types of wood to see which one would bend best into the shape that I wanted for the shields. Blencowe’s approach to design is centered around combining existing materials and systems in ways that produce unexpected results. Fascinated by the range of textures, and color possibilities depending on the typology of soils.

Moisés have always been atracted by simplicity and fresh ideas and that is why he decided to study at ECAL, in Lausanne Switzerland where in summer of 2013 he became the first Mexican to get a Master of Product design from this school obtaining special mention. This lamp only needs a bit of nourishment once a month. The soap bubble has existed for over 5,000 years. The project Aera Fabrica won the Hendrik Valk prize 2014, the New Material Fellow 2014 and the Design and Innovation award Gelderland. Not as a marketing tool but as a pure expression.

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I’m moving cities from Zurich I’m relocating to Amsterdam. For the past few years I have been keeping bacteria samples alive for several weeks in a row during exhibitions. Already there I realized that Bonne was interested in much more than fashion.

I want to enlarge my field of work and horizon. The textiles created by this unique technique could be applicable in various fields – from floor-covering to the production of fashion fabrics. Beyond the images from science and technology that pop-up in our daily lives, the biological terrain of the body is an endless creative source for new textures in mohair.

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It is really important to me that the core of my work always starts from a reference that is directly linked to fashion. From this first sample, I developed a production system and a finally a collection and brand. Linde Freya graduated Design Academy Eindhoven in last January. For DDW 2016, I am part of the design collective Dutch Invertuals.

Regen’ and let it expand all its possibilities. 3D-woven configurations are experimentally discovered on the spot. She gives new life to old recipes using her traditional making skills such as embroidery, dying and hand weaving to create artefacts that celebrate this naturally occurring spice. Last but not least Flaka x Bonne: What new developments are you looking into and why? There, I learned to have a good vision in 3D, precise technical skills and an eye for quality.

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Design Academy Eindhoven and works within the fields of exhibition making and curation. Science, an experiment to push boundaries regarding great objects. As fashion has a long history with fur, we thought it would be interesting for us to tap into that subject and explore why people wear fur. Do you imagine more personal works around insects in the future ?

It created a new and abstract kind of silhouette and it was the main inspiration for the shapes and the graphic identity of the collection. Therefore, this recycling methodology is applied to a furniture system for events in a collaboration with a recycling factory based in Switzerland, considering the existing resources to keep the whole life-cycle on site. She derives from intuition and seeks new tools to stir the imagination to inspire a more valuable future. An efficient process makes me have a strong satisfactory feeling.

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Color harmonies will turn to our flesh tones, from milky ivory to blush and brown. You have been doing recently 2 works with insects. Felt, one of the oldest textile known today, is usually produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together.

Edelkoort’s creative teams, Collectif France Tricot in Paris and Studio Chevalier-Masson from Belgium. She questions and discusses the concept of beauty and today’s media beauty standards through jewellery. More than ever we live in contradictions, of overstimulation and under-stimulation of our senses. It is like a poetic communication between the body and materials.

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The project is named after Tapputi, the first known chemist, she used the method of distilling essential oils, which is the origin of perfume creation. Actually, I never wanted to become an artist like many of my friends did, but when I discovered that through design you could make so called “applied arts” I knew that that was what I wanted to do because I love to do or create something for others. An all white laboratory where minimal design objects interact with tropical plants and Guadeloupean inspired coloured decorations. This project can be an inspiration for both consumers and companies, to see that there are various nice notions of durability. She works across various disciplines to create a single body of work in which she emphasizes that the assets of nature and being human are of intrinsic value, especially because we are heading towards a technological future. For example, I was able to find only pink, black and white warm-setting adhesive.

At 5 years old his uncle taught him how to combine his vivid imagination with whatever he could find and that planted a creative seed. His geometric samples demonstrate the technique’s ability to bring  unprecedented precision  to woven textiles. It seems that you are testing the waters in the art world as well, which is crucial as the new fashion inspirations happen at art fairs and designers bringing art on the runway. Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and worked throughout his studies as an assistant to the sculptor Tony Cragg in Wuppertal as well as for Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam, and Nendo in Tokyo.

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I want to keep learning and can hopefully do so, by collaborating or being part of a bigger company, studio or even multiple collectives to keep sharing ideas and keep creativity flowing. Fashion will become more anatomical and clinical, with a futuristic mood fit for a new era when we will seek to merge both brain halves. The technique needs more development, but I certainly believe that in the future we can have machines, that 3-dimensionally weave lightweight structures for us to use, live in and even drive in. The cylinders heights incite to play with the flowers, giving individuality to the elements of this object and making the flowers and the water look like they are floating, generating a micro landscape feeling. What are the key struggles and how could we get more brands to produce in Kosovo? When I was creating the collection, I used not only elements of mass products, but also other materials and techniques that are available to the contemporary human, and I called this very technique modern primitivism.

Certain things can not be created by machines and shouldn’t. A poetically extending proposition for three desserts. Because of the war any infrastructure of the technological textile industry is shut down plus the know-how disappeared. It can be made of either natural or synthetic fibres, and is used in industrial, technical and design contexts.

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A lot of them have fur animals. The highlight of the stand will be the Guerilla knitting event when students and staff from the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design will celebrate creative knitting with D. My dream is for jewellery to be a means of communication, i.

Sebastien paints on three-dimensional surfaces while screen-printing on silk organza and other high-end fabrics. Design, dedicated to exploring how we will live in the future through trans-disciplinary practice and expert collaboration. Bright accents such as Jaffa orange, Persian saffron, mustard green and turquoise blue will show how intense mohair’s saturation can become, contrasted by jet black and slate grey. Japan, which is a country in which there is more interest in insects, they keep beetle as pets and they even have a fun-park entirely based around insects.